World-class orthopedic implants and technology are finally affordable. MED IN BARD is a purpose-driven, forward-thinking company that is driven to change the way implants are manufactured and priced. We believe in creating better value for the implants you already know and use on an everyday basis. Yesterday’s rules were created for just that, yesterday. Today calls for a whole new approach - to not only do what’s best for your patients clinically, but also help them along financially. It’s time to Med in Bard your options and rise to a hope of a better world.

 Our clear mission is to provide lower healthcare costs because humans deserve better. We love the sound of rules breaking. It’s what we are trying to do to make ‘value’ a possibility in the orthopaedic implant industry. We shattered the myth that high value is a result of commoditization. Simply put, we have found a smarter way to create implants. Our solutions have everything familiar to surgeons and OR staff, yet with subtle innovations to improve on the gold standard our products already measure up to. Nothing is smarter than the combination of high value with the elegance of effective design. Talk to us about how you can use smarter solutions to lower healthcare costs without compromising quality.